Prince2 Made Easy: Project Management Templates

Project Management Templates





Project Management Plan

A complete template for a quality project plan and project handbook. 


Prince2 Management Presentation

A detailed presentation introducing Prince2, including speaker notes. 


The Prince2 Fact Sheet

A ready reference for Prince2, with key points distilled to a single sheet.


The Project Risk Assessment Kit

A risk assessment Excel based kit, designed  to help provide a consistent and comprehensive measurement.


Prince2 Role Definitions

Expertly created statements for the main roles in the Prince2 environment, including inter-role coverage.  


Research Articles

A series of documents containing dozens of articles to provide essential background information  


Bonus Files

A range of additional documents and presentations, to introduce you to other methodologies and techniques.  



Prince2 Made Easy

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Prince2 Project Management Made Easy

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Prince2 Project Management



The P2 Toolkit makes available a wide range of support resources for your use - none more powerful and useful than this series of MS-Word based template documents.

Fill in the blanks, expand on what is provided either way you have the quick start program at your disposal. 

Useful internally or for consultants looking to fast track a project, the templates also provide a useful learning point as they can be likened to the process that represents them.


Included are:

Life of Project templates (The Mission Statement; Highlight Report; The Project Initiation Document; Stage Plan; Vision Statement).

Risk Management templates (Initial Phase Risks; Risk Management Process Definition; Risk Register (Excel))

Start Up Documentation (The Business Case; The Feasibility Study; The Project Scope)

The following samples are intended to demonstrate the depth and quality of these documents:


Typical Table of Contents (First Page) From A Typical Template:


Prince2 Project Management Templates



Typical Page:


Prince2 Project Management Template



Typical Page:


Prince2 Project Management Templates



Typical Page:


Prince2 Templates




Typical Page:


Prince2 Project Management Templates





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