Prince2 Made Easy: Bonus Files

Bonus Files





Project Management Plan

A complete template for a quality project plan and project handbook. 


Prince2 Management Presentation

A detailed presentation introducing Prince2, including speaker notes. 


The Prince2 Fact Sheet

A ready reference for Prince2, with key points distilled to a single sheet.


The Project Risk Assessment Kit

A risk assessment Excel based kit, designed  to help provide a consistent and comprehensive measurement.


Project Templates

A whole series of  template documents to help manage the project effectively.


Prince2 Role Definitions

Expertly created statements for the main roles in the Prince2 environment, including inter-role coverage.  


Research Articles

A series of documents containing dozens of articles to provide essential background information  




Prince2 Made Easy

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Prince2 Project Management Made Easy

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Prince2 Project Management



As an additional bonus, the toolkit includes documents and presentations introducing a variety of other methodologies and approaches. It includes items covering service level management, six sigma, BS15000 and other issues.

The following extracts illustrate the quality contained therein:


Typical Page:


Prince2 Project Management - Six Sigma



Typical Page:


Prince2 Project Management - BS15000



Typical Page:


Prince2 Project Management - Extras





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